IRDS Shutter

The perfect solution for low head and side room applications. Commercial and residential use.

IRDS supply a custom shutter that we have perfected for multiple applications. For a custom garage or security door set up, due to low head rooms or no side rooms, the IRDS shutter can work perfectly for you.

We can supply your shutter with full logic operation, multiple handsets to use from your car, key switches, battery backups, solar – you name it we can do it. The shutter is highly secure and can be made with a full solid aluminum slat giving more strength in windy areas and a fire rating.

We use these doors for customers like Woolworths, BWS, bottle shops and shopping centers. There is no limit to these doors and our experience is second to none.

Standard IRDS Shutter Colours

Please note: white, cream, sand, deep ocean blue, woodland grey, brown and black are standard colours for headbox, guide and bottom bar.
Grey, beige, red and green are curtain only.

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